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Driving Lessons In Bangor
By Scott Fulton

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You Can PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST With Scott Fulton

You are on the verge of being able to drive and that is going to mean some pretty fantastic changes in your life, such as access to better paid jobs and of course weekend road trips. You can say goodbye to public transport and hello to listening to your own music as you pick and choose, where and when you travel, you are no longer restricted by timetables. However what school do you choose for your driving lessons in Bangor?

The big issue for you right now is not how to find driving lessons in Bangor it’s working out which driving school in Bangor is going to suit you the best.
What we have decided to do to make your life easier is to give you a Triple Guarantee.
Most learner drivers just like you want to have great lessons, the ability to pass first time, not to get ripped off and you want to be a safe driver. The triple guarantee gives you all that.

Here is everything you need to know about the triple guarantee and why Scott Fulton Driver Training is the right driving school in Bangor for you.

  1. Money Back Guarantee
  2. Pass Promise
  3. 2 Years Driving Lesson Warranty


Money Back Guarantee
How do you know if the driving lessons in Bangor are going to be the right ones for you? Not even a cast iron recommendation is 100% certain to work but our money back guarantee makes sure you are not risking even a penny! If in the event you are not happy with the lesson you are on, let us know, we’ll refund you for that lesson. That’s it. Simple right. We understand if you are unhappy you will want to find another driving school in Bangor and we do not want to keep you locked in if you are not satisfied. Choosing Scott Fulton is an easy choice.

Pass Promise
You would love to pass your driving test at the first attempt, it’s not just the money of having to pay for a second test or even the hassle, it’s the pressure! So we want to make sure you have every chance of passing first time and if you don’t we will cover the cost of the nest test with free lessons.

You will need to follow our guidelines on this, they are really important for learning how to drive and give you the right training so you can be pass and more importantly be safe.

1. The average number of hours to pass the driving test is around 47, we are asking that you complete just 40 hours of training using our driving lessons in Bangor.

2. You will need to have at least one lesson a week comprising of 2 hours, we understand that from time to time you may have a holiday or be sick, in that case we ask you to rebook the lesson that week or double up on another week. Gaps in your learning lose learning! You need to keep focused as you would with any type of training.

  1. You will follow our special learning to drive syllabus, you will need to be marked as “independent” in every section, this way you are proving to yourself you can drive without any assistance.
  2. We want you to be focused and that also means studying for your theory test right now, you will need to pass your theory test within 8 weeks of joining us and we can help you. As soon as you have passed the theory test you are half way to your licence and we can start to look as possible dates for your practical test.5. You will need to have passed a mock driving test.6. Your driving test will be booked in conjunction with your instructor.
  3. The test will be with our driving school.

If, somehow you fail your driving test and have met our criteria we’ll cover the cost of your next test with complimentary remedial lessons. You will need to have a minimum of 6 hours of remedial lessons overall, 2-3 of those hours will be covered for you by the way of paying for your test.

2 Years Driving Lessons Warranty
Upon passing your driving test, in the following 2 years if you receive 6 points on your licence you have to retake your test, we don’t want that to happen and we want to make sure you are very safe so we are giving you free refresher lessons.

You supply the fuelled, road legal car and we will give you free refresher lessons comprising of 3 hours in the first year and 3 hours in the second year. You cannot sell, or swap the lessons, they are just for the driving test and are not advanced lessons, you can’t carry the lessons into the following year.

Many people use these lessons if they pick up some points, start to feel uneasy about some aspects of driving, recognise they could do with polishing up a few skills or maybe you have your first car and want your instructor with you when you first drive it.

While there are many driving instructors in Bangor, we are the first driving school in Bangor to offer this triple guarantee. Due to our success the popularity of our driving lessons in Bangor is very high and you will need to call now to check for availability.




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