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Beginner Driving Lessons
By Scott Fulton

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No learner driver wants to be a beginner or a novice for a long time and we assure you that on your first lesson you will be driving and very shortly you will have the skills to be able to drive home!
In fact our training program makes learning to drive extremely simple and you will perhaps make more progress than you initially thought possible.

Your first lesson is all about moving off and stopping and in this skill you are going to learn so much which will help you pass your driving test. Your examiner is looking for four different qualities in your driving. To see you are following the Highway Code, that you can spot hazards, you are in control of the car and you have the desire to be safe. It all starts with moving off and stopping.

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On every single lesson we’ll take you through that 4 step process and you’ll turn out to be a natural driver, not just ready to pass your driving test but to be a safe driver for life. We are going to train you in a such a way, not only can you drive but you can diagnose your driving which will keep you safe. The best part is, you will not need more lessons than the average person but you get a far better learning experience.

We’ll be helping you not only with driving but also your theory test, as soon as you have passed the theory test we can start to look at dates for your practical and turning you into the finished article.
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