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Driving Test Rescue
By Scott Fulton

For Your Driving Licence Phone:07740 933403

If you have been unfortunate to start learning to drive with another school and found yourself in a position where you keep failing your driving test, you might be relieved to know it probably isn’t your fault. Let us explain what has been happening to you and how we can get you on the road with a full licence.

People fail because they are not prepared, people don not fail because of nerves. We only ley nerves takeover when we do not have the full ability to drive or been prepared in the correct way. The failure rate itself is around 50% and its due to driving instructors allowing pupils to go to their test unprepared, and what happens is you get found out.

The fact that you broke the speed limit, forgot to check your mirror, went through a red light etc. Are not the reasons why you failed, for sure they helped define the result but you have to look at the reason they are happening. It’s not about forgetting, because you know the laws, it’s because you have not been trained properly.

As soon as you give us a call you will start feeling more positive about passing, we’ll ask about what has been happening and then we’ll start to get to the route cause of you failing. When you start the driving test rescue course we’ll build into you programming a fault detection process that helps you spot errors and gives you the ability to correct them.

Due to failure rates being as high as 50% we do have limited supply of this course and you will need to contact us immediately. There are two packages you can buy 10 hours for £350 or 6 hours for £195. These are not our standard lesson rates but this is not a standard course. Very soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, call us right now.

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