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Late Test Cancelation
By Scott Fulton

For Your Driving Licence Phone:07740 933403

You may have already discovered it is very difficult to find a driving school who are prepared to fit you in for your driving test in the next couple of weeks if you have not already been learning with them. The problem you face is driving instructors are concerned you might be just trying to scam the system, however we know full well instructors fall ill, cease trading or perhaps you have been at university learning there and booked your test closer to home.

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However, we may be able to able you but this course is subject to availability.
First of all we need to check if we have availability that day, we only do one test per day per instructor.
Secondly you need to recognise this is a premium service you are paying for, fees are discussed over the phone and you have to pre pay.
Thirdly, you will be requested to have two driving sessions with us before you get to the day of your driving test, each session is 2 hours long and each session is £100, therefore you will have to make a pre payment of £200.

You will have to demonstrate to the driving instructor you are safe, and that you have the ability to pass your test, only at that stage will we take you to your driving test, and normal fees apply. If you are not good enough you have several options. The first is to cancel your test, or you can try and find another school or you can ask to take our part trained course (regular prices).

Please phone us for more information and to check availability

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