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Driving Lessons In Newtownards
By Scott Fulton

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You Can PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST With Scott Fulton A Driving Instructor in Newtownards


If you want to find a driving instructor in Newtownards they are pretty easy to come by, however how do you know who is going to be the most suitable? What driving school in Newtownards is going to give you what it takes to get your driving licence, that’s the bottom line for you isn’t it?

To pass the driving test you need driving lessons in Newtownards that are geared to impressing the driving examiner, learning to drive is not about driving through town without speeding, stopping at signals, giving way and not crashing. In fact you are going to have to learn how to be a safe driver and what we do is program you in such a way driving almost becomes a bit like autopilot. We also program you in such a way you are able to detect faults and correct them,

Usually the driving instructor in Newtownards will tell you when you are ready for your test, but we think that is a bit of a guessing game for you and you really need to be in a position where you can say with confidence you are ready. So from the very first lesson we’ll show you how, this is what we are going to do on every skill learned and every lesson.

1. You will be in total control of the car all of the time.
2. You will know the Highway Code and be able to keep to its rules.
3. Spotting hazards and avoiding them
4. Having the desire to be a safe driver and adopting the right attitude

Once you have followed our program of training not only will safe driving be almost like 2nd nature to you, you will have all the skills you need to get your driving licence. Hopefully we have demonstrated your search for a driving instructor in Newtownards is over, pick up the phone and call us right now.